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Art book Albrecht Dürer

Absolut Albrecht Dürer

absolutely UNIQUE


Author: Jesús María González de Zárate, Professor of Art History at Pais Vasco, Spain
Year: 2019
Art Book - Absolut Albrecht Dürer

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The name of Albrecht Dürer is written in capital letters when talking about the History of Art since it is considered the most important artist of the burin engraving and the main figure of the Renaissance in central Europe. 

Only his first five years as an engraver were enough to completely revolutionize the graphic arts. His fame was such that his reproductions, thanks to the newly invented printing technique, came to be sold in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Spain. 

Thanks to this, he earned the nickname of Master Engraver even if it really is something inexact because the Dürer was an artist able to work on different types of support and using different working techniques. 

Copyright inventor, precursor of the “selfie” and theorist of important artistic techniques, Albrecht Dürer was without a shadow of a doubt an absolutely unique artist.

absolutely COMPLETE

Albrecht Dürer is the most famous artist of the German Renaissance. 

He had a decidedly significant influence on all the artists of the sixteenth century, both in Germany and in the Netherlands and came to be much admired by Italian masters as in the case of Raffaello Sanzio. 

His engravings were widespread and inspired the work of different later artists, including Goya, Picasso and Dalí. 

Our art book of Albrecht Dürer – Absolute Edition brings together the most beautiful and significant works of Albrecht Dürer. It contains more than 600 full-color photographs, not only of its entire artistic trajectory but also that of other artists who influenced or were influenced by his work

absolutely ORIGINAL

The text by Jesús María González de Zárate, one of the most important Spanish specialists in the field of emblematic and symbolic subjects, gives us absolutely unpublished and original aspects extracted from the diaries of the same Dürer to whose work Professor Zárate has dedicated tens of years of search.

absolutely LUXURIOUS

Our prestigious edition reproduces in very high quality each of the engravings, anatomical studies, treatises, allegories and self-portraits made by the master. Because they can be contemplated, in most cases in the dimension created by Dürer himself, a very special support was designed, made in Italy specifically for the occasion capable of perfectly reflecting the touch and texture of the originals.

The endless footprint created by Dürer remains forever gathered in this unique piece that will delight lovers of Art without any shadow of a doubt.


absolutely ARTISAN

In CARTEM we work with artisans of the bookbinding of extraordinary talent and expert hands for the processing and realization of our volumes. More than precious editions, we take care of creating works of art that last over time. Through the choice of the best materials since the beginning of the realization, we work to offer you a unique and inimitable piece.

An authentic luxury in his hands.


Jesús María González de Zárate, Professor of Art History of the Basque Country.

45 x 33 cm.

500 pp.

Special Fedrigoni White Watercolor Paper 160 gr / sqm.

Made of regenerated leather, with seven nerves on the back, gold prints on the color cover.

999 copies numbered by hand.


Book art Albrecht Dürer